Monday, May 17, 2010

LaDonna Don't Like That: Attack Of The Evil Kitties

Call me naive, but I was always under the impression that kitties are supposed to be like this:

But apparently, they're more like this:

...according to horror movies, at least. These kitties just love to wait for the most inappropriate moment—you know, the moment when it gets really dark and quiet and you're fearing for your life—and then they jump out at you, hissing, and you suddenly find yourself in dire need of clean pantaloons.

Such jerks.

In the world of horror movies, this supposedly happens at least once a day, sometimes even twice a day, to pretty much everyone on the planet. And although it may work at scaring the crap out of the characters, it sure doesn't seem to work on the audience.

Having any sort of false scare in a horror movie already gets on my nerves as is; You can sense these moments coming from miles away and they're never actually scary because you know it's going to amount to nothing. But I guess, regardless of how unnecessary I think they are, you just can't have a horror movie without at least one false scare to keep everyone on edge...but why do they always have to be delivered by kitties?

Are horror filmmakers really lacking in creativity that much? Why can't they ever change it up a bit? Why not have a dog jump out? Or better yet, a frog or even a kangaroo? They seem to enjoy jumping, so that might be more appropriate.

But no. It always has be kitties.

I HATE THAT!!! And LaDonna don't like that shit either...

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