Saturday, August 14, 2010

LaDonna Don't Like That: Medicine Cabinet Of Doom

Move over AIDS, there's a new killer in town and it's...a medicine cabinet?

Some poor girl will be standing at the sink in her bathroom, doing the usual, everything running smoothly...until she opens the medicine cabinet, rummages through, then closes it to reveal the sudden reflection of a psychopath standing behind her. And I think we all know what happens next.

Apparently, bathrooms are a very happening place in the world of serial killers. But why? What's so special about bathrooms? If this occurred in real life as much as it does in horror movies, medicine cabinets would probably be the leading cause of death in the U.S. I mean, I don't see how these psychos could appear with such miraculous timing without having planned it first. So if it really is a set up, what would happen if the girl didn't open the medicine cabinet? Would she have been able to completely avert her death? When you really think about it, the medicine cabinet is the true killer here. And that's pretty damn stupid, isn't it?

The latest trend for horror filmmakers, however, is to create this very same scenario, build up the score a bit to get us nervous, only to reveal nothing at all in the mirror's reflection.

NEWS FLASH: Scenes involving medicine cabinets are stupid cliches, no matter how you handle them. You're not tricking us. You're not scaring us. You're not being different and clever. If you want to be different and clever, why not just leave out the medicine cabinet altogether? That might help.

But no. There always has be a medicine cabinet of doom.

I HATE THAT!!! And LaDonna don't like that shit either...

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Thomas Duke said...

I like that the killer waits for her to close the cabinet. "Hurry up and find that ointment, I WANNA STAB YOU IN THE FACE!" The person who hates this most of all is Muffy Tepperman. Stabbing a woman whose face is reflected in a bathroom mirror is no way to display school spirit.