Monday, June 6, 2011

"Like a kid in the horror section of a video store."

You know that expression "like a kid in a candy store" that's used to convey extreme excitement and happiness? Well, for me, the more appropriate expression is "like a kid in the horror section of a video store." I guess that doesn't exactly have the same ring to it, but whatevs!

Back in the mid-90's, there was this video store in my town called Moovies (which later turned into Video Update). Pretty much every Saturday afternoon, I'd beg my dad to bring me there and he'd always refuse...until I busted out the sad puppy eyes, that is. And when I'd arrive, he'd tell me I could only rent ONE movie and only spend about FIVE minutes deciding what I wanted...

...and then three hours later, I'd have three movies in my hands and look like this:

And my dad would look like this:

It sure was goooood times. But anyway, for about a week now, I've been feeling extra nostalgic and I haven't been able to satiate my craving to relive the amazing memories of those long lost days. So I decided to recreate it as best as possible by making a custom DVD cover that resembles one of those old, beat up VHS covers you would have see in the horror section back then. And what better choice of movie to make this cover for than Home For The Holidays, the ABC Movie of the Week produced by Aaron Spelling and starring Sally Field.

To make the cover, I drew inspiration from a few actual VHS cover templates from the 80's and mashed them together; using rainbows, dull colors, plenty of grunge and scratches and even a genre sticker to make it appear more video store authentic. Of course making a DVD cover in 2011 comes with some requirements, like the aspect ratio bar on the front and the appropriate film/company credits on the back. But I think it blends with the retro designs nicely enough not to ruin the overall effect.

Click image for larger preview
CLICK HERE for the print-ready version.

I must say, staring at this cover right now is actually getting me seriously close to jizzing in my pantaloons. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!


Mark N said...

Video Update? You aren't by chance from NH are you? Because that was my video store int he mid 90's and they had a killer horror section.

Mikey Sarago said...

I'm actually from NY. But I guess Video Update was a nationwide store of awesomeness! I sure do miss it :(