Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[Downloads] Black Christmas Wallpaper

Do you just love the holiday season so much you'd stick it down your pants if you could? Do you wish you could do something about your incredibly ugly desktop screen? Are you a female who wishes to finally rid herself of those unsightly anal pubes?

Okay, I can't help with that last one, but if the first two questions apply to you, then you're in luck! Fortunately for you, I just created a very festive and heart-warming wallpaper for the 1974 horror classic, Black Christmas! What better way to celebrate the holidays than to adorn your computer screen with a dead girl sitting in a rocking chair?

Well, okay, there are probably much better ways to celebrate. Being able to eat all the cookies in my house and then blaming it on Santa is particularly exhilarating for me. But either way, this wallpaper sure is neat-o.

Some years ago, I created a Black Christmas wallpaper specifically for the awesome RetroSlashers. But when I look at it now, it kinda makes me want to punch myself in the face. Quite frankly, it's a piece of shit. So now, with a few more years of Photoshop experience under my belt, I decided it was finally time to update that old piece of shit, and this was the result. I'm definitely not 100% happy with it, but compared to that old one, it kinda looks like a masterpiece. So...yeah.

Head on over to the Downloads section for more of my custom desktop wallpapers.

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